Johnny just doesn't understand that Sharknado is actually a work of art. Anyone can accidentally make a bad movie that turns into a cult comedy classic. But sharknado was a bad funny movie on PURPOSE. That is true art.

Rockys a fuckin pleb

What is swag scared of the most?

I don’t know? That seems kinda personal.

Did you know they're making a Sharknado 3?

Thank god

I had a dream I was at the store and they were selling Meme Bread with rage faces baked into each piece

Oh my god let’s really make that we’ll make a fortune




…. well now you HAVE to do it.

You really wanna see huh B))

Only if you promise to eat me at the end 

Don’t have to ask me twice


-stares blankly- 8| ……….

-pats his back-

Okay you keep doin’ that then

Too deep for you.

So... with this 'sharknado' move... do you like spin around really fast on your dick and then eat someone? or.....



By watching freakin’ Food Fight!?


NO I just like watchin stuff everyone else thinks is shit. I watch regular movies too. But that’s too easy. Any ol asshole can enjoy a good movie


…Okay look. One. Buddy.

-pats his shoulder-

We all watch shitty movies for fun every once in a while but that’s all you fucking do, man. You can watch good movies that are both entertaining and incredible. Why. Why are you doing this to yourself, dude.

It’s the only way I can feel anything anymore